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COVID-19 PRE-Screen

As Massage Therapists return to work following the COVID-19 shutdown, we would like to make you aware of some of the changes that have taken place to the way Massage Therapy will take place as we return to providing treatments

  1. Before attending your appointment, please complete the COVID-19 Self Assessment Test found at If the test recommends that you be tested, or that you self isolate, you must cancel your appointment. No services will be preformed on anyone who has a symptom of COVID-19

  2. If you feel in any way unwell, if you have a sickness of any kind, you must cancel your appointment. No services will be preformed on those who are sick or feeling unwell.

  3. Clients should arrive no more than 5 minutes before the expected appointment time. If you arrive before this time, please remain in your vehicle until 5 minutes before your appointment time. This is to help us keep our waiting area from exceeding its maximum recommended capacity.

  4. Where possible please be prepared to pay by contactless methods (e.g. tap, or eTransfer) if not set up for direct billing. Double check with the therapist as to preferred methods of payment.

  5. Upon entrance into the clinic, please use hand sanitizer and put on a mask, before proceeding to the waiting area.

  6. Your therapist will do a screening questionnaire with you at the start of your appointment.
    After July 2, 2020 this will include taking and recording your temperature. Please be advised that having an elevated body temperature will mean that you will be unable to be treated, as a fever is now an absolute contraindication for massage therapy. No services will be preformed on those who present with a fever.

  7. Your Therapist will have their own health disclosure document, which you will need to sign, saying that they have informed you of their relevant health conditions and that you wish to proceed with treatment.

  8. You will be required to wear a mask during the entire time you are in the clinical setting.

  9. When on the treatment table, while you are face up, or side lying you will be required to wear

    safety glasses.

  10. All of the Personal Protective Equipment requirements are there to protect both you, your

    therapist and society in general from the potential spread of COVID 19.

  11. These measures will be in place until COVID-19 disappears, an effective vaccine has been

    discovered and the number of doses delivered to gain herd immunity, or an effective treatment is discovered, AND governments reduce the requirements for the use of PPE.

If you have completed the survey and it does not recommend getting checked for COVID-19 please proceed with your booking below

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