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Group training

Get the motivation of a group by your side with the attention of a dedicated coach. 

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Three Zone

Work Hard. Get Lean.

What to Expect

Circuit training includes squats, lunges, weights, ropes, medicine ball throws. You’ll do single-leg deadlifts. Ropes. Resistance bands. Box step-ups. Renegade rows.


Why it Works

Our Three Zone class is hyper-focused on your body’s three energy systems. Every session is a meticulously planned with a variety of intensities, training methods and patterns. Working on strength, speed and endurance will help build maximal cardiovascular and muscular endurance while setting you up for long-term results and success.  

Class Length

50 Minutes

TRX Bootcamp

Move Better. Train Better. 

What to Expect

The TRX Bootcamp classes are designed to push you to the next level while combining more functional training tools including: battle ropes, exercises bands, strength bands, and RIP trainers.


Why it Works

Strength training using your body weight as resistance will not only develop strong, more toned arms, legs, back and core, but will enhance your stability and coordination of your muscles as well.

Class Length

50 Minutes

Pure Performance Center - Strong.png


Train tough. Live fierce.

What to Expect

Box jumps, ball slams, sled pushing, kettlebells. You will quickly know your way around a weight stand. Dumbbells. Barbells. Battle ropes and recovery. Encouragement from all.

Why it Works

Strong is a complete program that covers lifting, functional movements, overall lifestyle and mindset. Training in various phases allows the body to be challenged and helps prevent plateau. The basic movements may remain the same, but we change up reps, load, tempo and intensities to keep the body guessing.


Class Length

50 Minutes

TRX Strictly Straps

All TRX. All the Time. 

What to Expect

Use your body weight through various progressions on the TRX Suspension Trainer® to develop total body strength, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Why it Works

Suspension training works by challenging your body in conditions of instability. This forces you to constantly engage your core to perform each exercise. It also helps improve your balance and overall strength. You are suspended from an anchor point where bodyweight becomes your machine and gravity your resistance.

Class Length

50 Minutes

Ready 3-2-1

Ignite Your Metabolism

What to Expect

Ready 3-2-1 is a Circuit class that combines 3 min of Strength Training, 2 min of Cardio, and 1 min of Abdominal / Core work into each Block. 

Why it Works

Combining Strength, Cardio, and Core into each workout segment creates a super calorie-busting workout and puts your metabolism in to overdrive long after the class is finished. 

Class Length

50 Minutes


TRX Basics

Get Started. Train Properly.

What to Expect

We will teach you how to set the Suspension Trainer, perform a variety of TRX exercises, how to focus on them, find your level of progression, apply the right training load and finally challenge your goals.


You will finish feeling confident to jump in to any class on the schedule.

Note: TRX Basics classes are offered on a limited basis. If you do not see a basics class on the schedule, please contact a staff member for information on the next offering

Class Length

50 Minutes


$24.99 / session


30 pack

$15.99 / session


5 pack

$21.99 / session


40 pack

$13.99 / session


10 pack

$19.99 / session


50 pack

$11.99 / session


20 pack

$17.99 / session


* Prices do not include GST*

Expiry dates: 5 & 10 session packages expire 6 months after the date of your first appointment. 20 & 30 Session packages expire 12 months after the date of first appointment. 

40 & 50 Session packages expire 24 months after the date of first appointment. 


In order to receive the volume discount on the sessions, the participant MUST complete all sessions. No refunds are given on fitness packages. 


What to Expect

In our classes you’ll use your body weight, gravity and a variety of equipment to push, pull, lunge, squat, hinge and plank your way to a better you. Expect to move, sweat, shuffle, and above all, have a kick ass workout experience. Some classes challenge you with a single piece of training equipment, some use a broad mix of training tools, but they all deliver incredible results.

Make sure to bring a water bottle, wear your athletic shoes and clothing, we’ll supply the towel, and you supply the energy!

Two Ways to Get Started


Contact Us

With the right Personal Trainer, you can achieve goals you never thought possible. Connect with the trainer whose personality, expertise and coaching style is the best fit for you.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Meet with a certified Personal Trainer to get more details on how our program works, ask questions, and discuss how you could work together to achieve your specific goals.


Small Group Training Packages

Small Group Training Drop-In | $20 per session 6 sessions | $19 per session | $114 12 sessions | $18 per session | $216 24 sessions | $17 per session | $408 36 sessions | $15 per session | $540 * Prices do not include GST* Expiry dates: 6 session packages expire 6 months after the date of your first appointment. 12 & 24 Session packages expire 12 months after the date of first appointment. 36 Session packages have a 24 month expiry. In order to receive the volume discount on the sessions, the participant MUST complete all sessions. If completing less than the full amount of sessions purchased, any refunds on unused sessions will be based upon the pricing of number of sessions completed.

Purchase Policy

All packages (massage, acupuncture, fitness) are non-transferable and non-refundable; there are no exceptions. Classes and instructor assignments are subject to change. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Individual and Partner Personal Training and Group Training packages have the following expiry dates: 6 session package - 6 months from date of purchase 12 & 24 session packages - 12 months from date of purchase 36 & 48 session packages - 24 months from date of purchase

Open Gym Membership

Open Gym Membership Drop-In Pass | $10 per session Monthly Pass | $49.99 per month * Prices do not include GST* You must book your Open Gym time a minimum of 24 hours before the preferred time. There is a maximum of 3 bookings per time slot. Each session is 50 minutes long.